What if a 10 days reteat could transform your life?

Come and experience the beautiful paradise of Bali and at the same time learn how to awaken your hearts potential and accelerate your growth to become the greatest version of your self!

Welcome to iWakening Heart Healing Retreat!

Does some of this sound like you?

If you can say YES to any of this then...

You would like to experience inner peace, self-love, abundance, more energy, more joy and manifest the life that you dream of.

You want to unlock your gifts, feel fulfilled and live life to your fullest potential.  

Maybe you have been doing a lot of self-development through out the years, but still can't see it manifest in your life.

You are looking for effective tools to deal with insecurities, anxiety, depression, fear, stress and negative thoughts or emotions that do not serve you anymore.

You want to heal past traumas, break free from negative patterns and stop repeating the same mistakes.


You really want a change in your life!




What We Do!

The 5 step training program!



Physical Awareness Training




Mindset Training


iWakening Emotional

Heart Healing




Spiritual Alignment



iWakening Embodiment & Integration


To become the greatest version of your self, to live your purpose and discover true happiness, you have to expand beyond your mind, emotions and physical conditioning. Through that you will be able to lift your self to a higher level of consciousness and align yourself with your purpose. 

iWakening will guide you through a 5 stage consciousness training program to assist you to:

Break through blockages mentally, emotionally and physically and heal what is holding you back.

Strengthening the electromagnetic field of the heart and activate Heart Healing.

Transform your mindset so that you can start to open up for more of the beauty in your life. 

Activate body awareness for a deeper understanding of your self and transform unhealthy movement patterns into conscious healthy living.

Activate life force in your body to release stagnant energy of any kind.


Use life force to build strength and a strong energy field as well as learning how to use life force to nurish the whole body.  

Open and strengthen your heart to to be able to receive more of life.

Strengthen your nervous system so that you can better deal with difficult challenges in life and stop being limited of your conditioning.


Align your self with your potential, your true essen so that you can start to live life more effortless and in flow with the present moment.


Learn how to integrate transformations and manifest it in your life to start to live more in alignment with your dreams and your destiny.

the benefits of 10 days Heart Healing Retreat!

​You will:

  • Feel more clear, calm and focused than you have in years

  • Feel the beauty of your heart, and gave more energy and vitality

  • Feel a deeper body awareness and more here and now presence

  • Stop letting yourself be ruled by your worries, anxieties and fears

  • Strengthen your intuition and feel confident you’re making the best life choices

  • Explore some of the fastest acting meditation techniques

  • Learn breathing techniques that will assist you to break through limitations and heal

  • Feel more connected to who you really are - your True Self

This is what you will learn when you sign up!

Life changing Conscious Workshops

  • Learn about mindset. What it is, how to change it and why it is a key to transformation 

  • Learn how your consciousness operates and how to use this knowledge to your benefit in every day life

  • Learn how to see the bigger picture in life 

  • Learn how to connect, strengthen and use your heart energy field to manifest stronger

  • Learn how to heal

  • Learn how to connect with your true self and find your purpose

  • Learn how to expand your awareness

  • Learn to ask the right questions and free yourself from limitations

Kundalini Yoga 

  • An ancient secret method to let go of old un-resourceful bad habits using your "primal energy to break through and be aligned with your true essens - your vibration as truth

  • Learn how to open and strengthen the magnetic field of the heart

  • Learn how Kundalini Yoga activate deep Heart Healing and allow unconditional self-love, self-confidence and create more happiness in your life

  • Experience how to strengthen your nervous system so that's it is easier to deal with life and receive life as it is

  • Learn breathing techniques to activate circulation in the meridians to become more healthy on all levels, awake and aligned

  • How to expand from limitations to opportunities of abundance


  • Achieve inner state of stillness

  • Connect deeper within 

  • Activates healing 

  • Expands consciousness

  • Alignment with your higher self

  • Gain freedom from unwanted distractions

  • Assist you through blockages and limitation

  • Develop a deeper connection with your heart and higher self - you as infinite being

  • Build a stronger focus so that you can start to manifest more of the life you want

  • Gain clarity and calmness

  • Calm stress and restlessness


  • Removes mental fogginess and poor memory

  • Detoxing emotional, physical and mental blockages 

  • Release stress and promotes relaxation

  • Enhances mental clarity

  • Gives restful sleep and improved wellnes

  • Balance blood sugar

  • Improves self-confidence

  • Enhances expansion of consiousness

  • Increases the phase of transformation and change

  • Learn a 1000 year old secret on how to strengthen your whole body connective system    

  • Activate life force in your body to release stagnant energy of any kind

  • Develop higher body sensitivity and present moment awareness by stretching your facia and activate more life force

  • Strengthen your body, tendons, ligaments, joints and hydrate your fascia system which is important for nourishing the body and to heal what ever needs healing

  • Activate body awareness for a deeper understanding of your self and transform unhealthy movement patterns into conscious healthy living

  • Get to experience and work with energy

Powerful Chi Gong to expand and heal

Movement Therapy & Dance

  •  Foster self - knowledge and self - love

  • Increase self - awareness

  • Learn how to heal through movement and dance

  • Learn how the energy of the elements moves in you and how to embody the energy that you lack to change and transform into alignment

  • Alleviating emotional distress in the body 

  • Learn how to easily release tension and activate deeper understanding of your process

  • Transform negative thoughts and fellings into new healthy attitudes and emotions

  • Increase self-esteem and self- image

  • Improve communication skills and tolerance 

  • Leads to greater emotional openness and creativity

Vibrational Breath Release

  • Opens the heart, activates healing

  • Clear the mind, calms the nerves system

  • Calms and release tension and anxiety 

  • Release any hidden emotional, physical and mental blockages 

  • Release any unhealthy patterns and habits

  • Activate grounding and present moment awareness

  • Activate expansion of consciousness

  • Great for detoxing 

  • Activate blood circulation

  • Cleanses and rejuvenate your vital channels of energy and aligns you 

  • Trigger deep relaxation

Sound Healing

  • Healing vibration that is very southing for body and mind

  • Activate alignment with nature

  • Release stress and activate relaxation 

  • Enhances focus and clarity

  • Therapeutic 

  • Releasing emotional blockages

  • Releasing tension in the nervous system

  • Increase the process of letting go of stagnant energy

  • Increases transformation and change

This is why the Heart Healing will work for you!


This 10 days retreats will produces immediate results. You’ll break through blockages and transform. You will reach deep meditative states, connect deeper with your self, heal your self and start to feel your true power. You will also accessing wisdom of who you are and the power of being more aware and connected with your heart. 



The way we combine inner and outer journey will give a deep fundamental change in you. When we have done internal transformation WORK we go out in nature to embody and experience that in different ways. This has a huge impact on the integration process of everything you are processing.


You will be able to get your own customized integration package with you home to assist you to live and become more aware and connected with your heart and your true potential. To really create the life you dream of.


It´s easy to come home and your old habits starts to take over AGAIN. Then it is important to have follow up online courses from the retreat. You will never be limited by location or time. You can create the ideal schedule for what you need in your every day life.

911 KIT:

You will get an online 911 KIT that you can use whenever you are in need of aligning yourself quick.



You can connect with an online community of like-minded participants to keep you inspired and hold you accountable to your personal goal.


Get the opportunity to buy the preparation course for your next level iWakening retreat.

When you have completed your 40 days integration period and you feel you want more. Then we have a next level online course for you to start an even deeper journey towards your authentic expression. 


Get the opportunity to buy a special online package with treatments to a very reasonable price.


The Heart Healing will

definitely have an impact on my life!

After this Heart Healing I can physically feel that my heart and chest area has expanded. It feels bigger and I have a deeper understanding of my issues and how to work through blockages. It was great to learn all these physical movements and practices. They are all so good. I feel lighter and I am going to use these tools in my every day life. This Heart Healing will definitely have an huge impact on my life and I am super satisfied. I would recommend every one to join an iWakening Retreat. 

                                           Kine Kemi Wear


  • 1-2 Kundalini Yoga classes every day

  • Daily Chi Gong practice

  • 10 - 15 Transformational Workshops

  • Daily Meditation & Breathing

  • Daily Sound Healing

  • Movement Therapy and Dance when needed

  • Daily Detox focus

  • 2 massages

  • 1 Chi Nei Tsang Organ Massage
  • 1 Vibrational Medicine Healing Session

  • 5 Excursions

  • Daily time off for rest and sun bading

  • Healthy Detoxing breakfast, lunsh and afternoon meals

Date of our NEXT Retreats: 

06/04 to 15/04 .2019 - 10 day  Transformational Heart Healing Towards 

Compassion & Self Love - Bali

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iWakening 10 days Retreat! 

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