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Story of Samaya and Tekano

Samaya and Tekano is the founder of the iWakening concept. They have a deep passion for assisting people through different kinds of transformational processes. They have both long background in different kinds of disciplines that give them many tools to work with people this way. 

From the first moment they met each other, they had a deep inner connection, a deep heart connection. They both just knew that something special would manifest through this connection. Their first 5 hours together were on the dance floor in deep, authentic contact improvisation. Communication happened without words. The combination of both their background found its synergy.


With Samaya´s 20 years background in deep spiritual work, vibrational medicine, and holistic philosophy together with Tekano's long background in energy work, Martial Art, and bodywork, new ideas to the iWakening concept became a reality!  Now, almost two years later, iWakening has taken them through a very special, intense, and beautiful journey. They are living their dream to assist people in transforming their life! To touch as many hearts as possible so that more and more people can shift into oneness and live their authentic expression.

Tekano is from South Africa and he has 15 years of experience within Movement Art, Martial Art, and various forms of energy work as well as awareness training. He will take you on a physical journey into the exciting energetic landscape to heal and revitalize you at all levels.

Tekano´s background

Samaya´s background

Samaya is from Norway and has worked as a vibrational healing therapist since 2001. She has an extensive background in the fields of meditation, breathing techniques, diet and nutrition, various forms of bodywork, liberating dance, and Kundalini Yoga. She has more than 20 years of experience in spiritual work and holistic philosophy. She works with Chi Nei Tsang organ massage, Life Coaching, and Vibrational Medicine Healing. Based on her experience Samaya will inspire and ensure that you keep striving to reach your full potential.

Cecilie´s background 

Cecilie is from Norway and one of our incredible guest teachers. She is a graduated Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gong Sound Healer. She has throughout her life had a great interest in alternative workshops of various kinds. She has attended many workshops on meditation, breathwork, dance, and yoga, this makes her a very exciting Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has worked creatively with people for 28 years and loves to share their experiences on many levels. With her positive and inspiring attitude, she will be there to make this iWakening experience one remember.

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