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Dates for our 12-Day Transformational Heart Healing Training in Bali & Lombok:


18.10 - 29.10 2019 - Level 1 

01.08 - 12.08 2019 - Level 1 -  (Luxury experience)

16.10 - 27.10 2020 - Level 1

01.08 - 12.08 2020 - Level 2

iWakening 3-day Transformational Workshops


28.07 - 30.07 2019 - Ubud, Bali 

July / August - In Oslo, Norway ( dates to be relieved )  

05/04 to 20/04 - Transformational Heart Healing Towards Self Love and Happiness - BALI 

Every day from 7am - 9pm. Sunday from 7am - 4pm.

All inclusive. Full program all day!

Contact us for price! 

Groups and companies can customize their own retreat with their prefered theme! 

Because of our long background in transformational work there is no limits of what kind of theme we can work with. You can chose your theme and we will make "your" retreat or workshop as you wish. We will use the tools necessary to assist the  transformational process regarding that theme.

We operate through retreats and workshops and employs specific practices as Kundalini Yoga, Chi Gong, Breath Work, Martial Arts, Vibrational Medicine, Movement Therapy, Dance, iWakening transformational talks, Mantra and Meditation. Whatever supports the process is what we apply. 

If you want something you haven´t got, you have to do something you haven´t done! 

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