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iWakening Heart Healing Retreat in Cape Town - 10 days 

02/03 - 11/03  2018

Do you have a longing to melt into yourself and come into contact with the true essence of who you really are? A place where you feel calm and present with more love for yourself and where you can appreciate all the beautiful moments in your life. Would you like to live more in touch with your true potential and find that place in yourself where you feel happiness, abundance and deep joy in life? iWakening is a concept put together to assist you to break through your mental, physical and emotional blockages so that you can expand your consciousness and shift into oneness. This iWakening retreat will give you an experience off all the things mentioned.

This retreat will lead you through the first stage of iWakening. During these 10 days you will get to experience and receive tools that will assist you in the awakening of your hearts potential. We will therefore work extensively with the heart energy field and share how you can develop a better understanding and a closer relationship with the consciousness of your heart. 

iWakening incorporates Kundalini Yoga, employing specific Kriyas that are ingeniously designed to liberate the heart from different blockages. Together with meditation, breathing exercises and mantras, it activates your heart transformation processes and helps strengthen and circulate the hearts energy. 

We will use Chi Gong to promote present moment awareness, develop sensitivity and assist in the manifestation of your intention. iWakening also includes specific meditations that work on many different levels to bring you closer to your higher self and align you with your true potential.

In iWakening we understand that the body is an instrument that allows us to live out our spirituality. The body can reveal where we have our physical, mental and emotional barriers. By moving the body with consciousness and with the right intention we can begin to understand, release, shake off and heal ourselves of traumas that we have picked up along the way. iWakaning Movement Therapy address this form of expression, this form of learning and healing. We will work with iWakening Movement Therapy during the retreat to give you a more dynamic way of expanding your consciousness. 

These elements have been put into exercises that you can take home and use when you sense you need to be more present, more connected and more aligned with your higher self. When you need to adjust yourself and come back to your inner core. When you need more strength, more love for yourself and your life, and especially when you need healing.

This retreat offers the possibility to heal both mentally, physically and emotionally. Everything in the iWakening Retreat is put together as tools for a better life where you can live more from your heart. This iWakening retreat will be a journey through body, mind, spirit and you will also get to experience the wonderful Bali with its beautiful heart energy.

A little bit about the journey!

We want to give you a varied experience of what Cape Town has to offer. That is why we have chosen two different locations in gorgeous setting. The retreat will begin on the coast facing the Ocean where you will experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The place will provide peace of mind and body, you can enjoy the sun, beach, massages and swimming while we work our way deep into the theme of the iWakening Heart Healing Retreat. We will nourish you with tasty healthy vegetarian food and healthy detoxing smoothies to nourish you on all levels.

The journey then moves on to the mountains, known for walkabouts, which will give you a deep inner journey and a clear vision about where you are in you process. The place is surrounded by magical mountains, exotic smells, sounds and experiences that will awaken your senses in new and exciting ways. We will also take to an amazing safari to get to experience of the beautiful wildlife where our unique guide will take you on a journey to see and feel the wild life close up and in touch with your deepest emotion.

We are convinced that you will find this journey nourishing, fulfilling and inspiring on many levels so you can return home with a treasure in your heart. We will do our utmost best to assist you to get the best experience on this heart healing retreat in South Africa.

We look forward to see you there! 

Testimonial from the iWakening Heart Healing Workshop - Tone Oraini Selfors

The heart healing workshop was for me life changing. I was introduced to Stillpoint therapy with Samaya Behrens 6 years ago and I will continue as long as I live. This 3-days workshop gave me everything I need in life to grow, develop and to be able to deal with difficult situations. Now I have the tools to heal myself and a platform. I'm so much more aware and my power is back. My heart feels literally bigger and me vision is clearer. I came here with a broken heart and feeling dead inside. It's been some heavy days but in a good way. I now feel love, calm, I'm hopeful and so grateful.  I will use everything I've learned every day. I wish everyone in this world could do this Heart Healing. The world would be such a better place. Thank you so much Samaya and Tekano! I love you ❤ and now I finally love my self.

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