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Kundalini Yoga as a great tool 

Kundalini Yoga is a practice for people that want to transform their consciousness on all levels. That is why we include Kundalini Yoga to our iWakening Concept. This yogaform has thousands of kriyas (set of exercises) with a theme that can fit into what ever we need in the iWakening process. It means we can customise the kriyas´s to assist you for the best brake through processes, the deepest healing and the 

purest alignment with your true essence. You as vibration of truth! Sat Nam.

The kriyas, meditations and the mantras is put together in a very specific way to generate  energy and to organize that energy and deliver you to a specific energetic state — particularly one of greater awareness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

Kundalini Yoga can help you to find inner peace, get better sleep, better health and give you more flow in life. In Kundalini Yoga we also work on strengthening the nervous system and to balance the glandular system. Both the mind (our thoughts), nervous system, endocrine system and our energetic systems are communication channels the body uses to handle everyday life and to function better in our weekdays.


With a strong nervous-system you will be able to handle stress in a whole new way. Stress is one of the largest "folk diseases" in the West today.

Align your self with your true essence!

Become the best version of your self...

It is essentially, because our thoughts create stress and our mind pics up signals from the nervous-system. Therefore, it is important to have a strengthened nervous system so that the mind can pic up good impulses from the nervous-system and balance you in a holistic way.

Kundalini Yoga also includes a lot of meditation and conscious breathing which is also a way to change the mindset that creates stress. Our glandular system controls our health and affects the nervous-system and the nervous-system affects the glandular system. Our bodies are complex and the one does´nt exclude the other in relation to the various communications channels that your body has.

Kundalini Yoga works on every level of your being and every Kundalini Yoga class will assist you towards inner peace, balance, better health and more happiness.

Samaya has a long background in spiritual work and have been teaching Yoga for more than 10 years. 

Kundalini Yoga peels off layers of old thought patterns, balances your emotions leave you feeling more awake in your life so that your own truth will blossom.

The word kriya means action. It is an action that leads to a complete manifestation like a seed leads to a bloom, a thought into actuality, a desire to commitment.

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