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Let's start the New Year with proven methods to activate the POWER of the HEART to HEAL and to receive more love, to share more love and to create more from the magic of OUR HEART! 

This will SUPERCHARGE your manifestation power, RAISE your vibration and create a life beyond your wildest DREAMS.

Who is this for?

We are calling in A-players, entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, coaches, teachers, freedom lovers, wellness warriors and everyone that wants to take themselves to the next level and live in total Life Mas


Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND is the true journey to heart-empowered leadership!
Heart-felt leadership is the fastest way to long-lasting success, and the reason why deep Heart Connection & Self-Love is so important. Also.... - if we want to create a new world, we need more heart-felt leaders that can make healthy, conscious choices for the greater good of humanity! Through iWakening’s 7 step training program to Life Mastery you will experience how to leverage and align with your highest potential, to feel fully empowered and manifest from the purpose of the heart! This creates true freedom and abundance and is a huge game changer.


Come join us on this FAST TRACK journey to your Self-Love Success.


This is why you need this Surrender to
LOVE & BEYOND program

  • You are unclear about the power of the HEART and how it can HEAL and TRANSFORM your life
  • You struggle to let go and TRUST in the Universe
  • You feel stuck and limited by your own patterns and behaviour's and dont know how to change it
  • You subconsciously invest in your own LIMITATIONS
  • You have done a lot of self-development work, but you are still stuck and can't find the results that you are seeking?
  • You are in too much fear and try to control and manipulate your manifestations in life
  • You are still struggling with creating good choices and healthy habits that bring growth and expansion
  • You have great goals and visions for your future, but you are unable to carry them out and manifest them into your life?
  • You feel you have a lot of knowledge about yourself and life but are still not fulfilled, content, or living in abundance?
  • You are still longing to live your life in greater flow, deeply connected with more beautiful intimate relationships and total freedom on all levels!
We all have a deep ineffable longing to belong, and we all want to surrender into the space within that gives endless love, inner serenity, and deep compassion for oneself and everything in life!


This is the key...


What if you could tap into the beautiful inner sanctum of endless love... Where serenity reigns supreme, your heart is at peace and you flow in compassion with everything life presents to you.  Including those difficult moments and tough days! 

Yes, it is possible! 

Being connected to divine love will make you feel strong and empowered and you will find yourself naturally thriving towards your big dreams with ease and flow.

Few know what it takes to get to this stage of Self-Love! The journey of LOVE & BEYOND is a deep dive within, and not necessarily just easy. But with your dedication, our support, and the iWakening knowledge, wisdom, and tools you will fly!

You are not going to be lost on this journey with us but rather learn how to become more in charge of your own life! You will soon experience that you are capable of making good and healthy choices that bring you more love, growth, and expansion that will forever excite you! 

Through these LOVE & BEYOND journeys with us, you will actually move beyond everything you knew was possible. You will learn how to release what is holding you back, heal your darkness, connect with your heart, and align more with who you really are as pure love. You will learn to enjoy the whole journey as it will give you so many realisations that take you to the next level of being.  

This is the path of REAL empowerment and you will start to SHINE from the greatness within!

Don't take our words for it.

Here are some inspirational testimonials from Surrenderr to Love&Beyond Level1 participants

Hilde Duus

It has been truly transformational! I went into it as a depressed person who was so lost, to coming out of it truly on the other side of things, with a spark in my heart and a will to make the most out of life, and to share what I've experienced with others. The excersises and weekly zoom calls have been wonderful, and done so much for me. I am just at the beginning of this journey, and I can't wait to see where it is going to bring me. I did not really set any expectations for the course, but if I would have had any I would be blown away! A truly life changing course, that actually give you the tools that you need to succeed. Endless gratitude to all of you!

Margrethe Nygård

It is beautiful and amazing! I could not imagined how a 7-week can change my life as I am in so much better place now. This is just a begining of my journey yet already a life changing journey! The exersices are very powerful and strong. They take you through so many layers and they washed out your energy field if you let it. During the program, there was so much coming up every day all the time for me and everyone, I really reccomend this program for everyone to start if you want a change in your life. I can't wait for the level 2!

Linda Foss-Sørensen

Absolutely amazing program! I have so many tools and is so much more conscious of how to come back to my heart. It’s not so hard to understand the concept of surrendering, but really embodying it is another story! The teachers are so beautiful souls and so supportive. Thank you for supplering! 

Jannicke Arnesen-Zardi

It has been life changing! The course made me aware of certain lacks I have and that I need to love these things about myself. I am more aware of my feelings - feeling them and trying to understand them. I love the exercises as they calm me and ground me and I feel it’s easier to live from my heart. I have learned that when I love myself and take care of myself, it reflects on the people around me. Now I know that this is something I have to work on every day for the rest of my life.

Inside this Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND program you'll get:

  • Easy to follow breakthrough exercises that will open your HEART and transform your life
  • Mindset & Awareness Training to create growth & expansion

  • Quantum Leap Group Healing Sessions to help you release what is holding you back

  • High-frequency talks to raise your vibration and open your heart to receive the gifts of the universe

  • Embodiment, Integration and manifesting practice to accelerate your dreams

  • Community Support Platform

Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND
Level 1


We live in a society where we are bombarded with fear-filled headlines, collective anxiety, and social media that shows us the “perfect” life. This constant input of low-vibrational energy is obstructing a true and authentic reality, which can cause distortion and often leads to NOT feeling good enough, unworthiness, low self-esteem and negative emotions. This in combination with childhood traumas and programming from the past is not making it easier and we all suffer on different levels. This is why so many people feel overwhelmed, confused and stuck… - and hopelessness and despair becomes a huge part of their life.

We have good news for you! 

This doesn't need to be your reality anymore…. 

Check out our video where we share more about our wildly successful Surrender to LOVE & BEYOND Level 1 program! Take the journey back home to your heart, which is the key to TRUE FREEDOM and your TRUE SELF!

I am Interested

Here are some of the benefits you'll get:

  • Becoming more self nurturing as you deepen your HEART-connection and improve your sense of self-love
  • Feeling more fulfilled as you are more open and receiving of the beauty of life
  • Living more of your purpose as you have increased your connection to your true self and soul essence
  • Feeling more FREE as you have generated a stronger nervous system that prevents fear and anxiety
  • Experiencing more peace of mind as you have the tools to handle any situation in life
  • Feeling a stronger connection to your intuition as you know how to align with your Quantum Field
  • Being more at ease when speaking your truth as you understand more of the bigger picture of life
  • Becoming more open and receiving in dialogue as you have improved presence and heart connection
  • Feeling and receiving more love from others as you have let go of many layers of armor and illusions
  • Creating more intimacy in your life because traumas are released and your heart has softened
  • Increased connection to your life purpose as your dialogue with the heart has improved
  • Become happier and more fulfilled in every moment as you know how to SURRENDER to LOVE
  • Creating success and abundance in life because you have raised your vibration and therefore attract more what you dream of
  • SUPERCHARGED manifestation power as you know how to take yourself into coherence with the manifesting HEART
  • Living your potential and shining from the GREATNESS within

Join our LOVE & BEYOND program to take
Quantum Leaps in your life!


We so much look forward to witnessing your magical transformational journey towards self-love and empowerment!

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