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Martial Art Training

Martial Art meets dance

iWakening merges Martial Arts and dance together to give a deeper more detailed way of moving the body. Martial art requires us to have a great understanding of our body. It helps us develop good structure through correct body alignment, balance, coordination, control and it teaches us how to use our body in relation with another person’s body.  Dance, like Martial Art asks us to have control of our body. It gives us the opportunity to express our self in a creative way and to learn how to move the body in many different ways. It uses Martial Art and its structure to reinforce our dance. It uses structure to give us freedom.


iWakening is aware of the similarity of movements in Martial Arts and in dance and knows that they can both be applied into each other. iWakening also recognizes that Martial Arts and dance are both tools that can assist one to gain a deeper understanding of your self and transcend to a higher level of vibration. 

iWakening takes Martial Art movements and easily apply them into various forms of dance. These movements can be used for individual dance but are especially useful for those that involve a partner. Through heightened sensitivity, applied footwork and the understanding of the limits of the body we learn to follow our partner’s body, flow with it and together create art. 

We communicate with our heart, develop a close relationship with it. We let it guide us in movement, we let it see, feel and listen for us. We connect to our opponents or our partner’s energy field, its mind and its body. Then, driven by the heart, we flow with whatever force that may come. We flow around it, through it, with it and against it so that we learn how to regain balance no matter what happens in our life.  Or even how to build muscles in all kind of landscapes in our life. Then we will live life free form conditioning and align more with our potential. 

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