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Movement Therapy


A unique facet of iWakening is that it combines movement and therapy and utilizes them simultaneously. When we move our bodies we often come across points, which are blocked in the body. Some points do not move or flow as we wish them to. These blockages could be stiffness, pain, rigidness or inability to move out of a certain pattern of movement amongst others. iWakening has a special body mapping system that allows us to understand the energy of each body part. Every part of the body carries specific vibration and also memories as for example, pain and traumas. When a certain part of the body experiences a blockage its often because it´s not just a physically rooted blockage. iWakening uses movement as a tool to bring blockages to the surface. Mental, emotional or physical traumas can then be dealt with accordingly through a series of in depth vibrational medicinal techniques. When the time is right, certain exercises are used so we can bring those points back into flow.  


A great and very important part of iWakening teaching is based on the understanding and the relationship that we have with the elements. The role that the elements play in our life and how they effect our presence. How we walk, how we talk and how we mentally, physically and emotionally deal with any force or situations that occur in our daily life. We learn to become aware of our more dominant element, how it influences our consciousness and the way in which we move our body. We learn how we can use movement to develop our less prominent element. We explore how the elements move our body and consciousness and learn how we can move in all the different elements. 

The elements in our body to help us understand and realize, to become aware of the many different ways in which we can move. When we learn to move our body in different ways when doing the same movement we ultimately change the way in which we think and feel. When we align our body and prepare to carry a heavy object, we not only align our body but we change our mental approach too. We become earth in our body; we become earth in the mind and feel strong, stable, grounded and well structured like earth. The same approach happens when we need to be light in our body so we can walk on snow without falling through. We have to change the center of gravity in the body, raising it so that the steps we take are as light as a feather. This process inevitably affects our conscious mind. When we are in this state of consciousness we deal with a given situation differently than we would if we were in the conscious state of the earthy mind. 

Events occur in our life all the time and in different ways but it is the way in which we choose to act upon them that will make a difference in our life. The more flexible we are, then the more ways we have in which we can move. The more ways in which we can move, the more ways in which our true essence can come out…(in its natural form), because we are nature and nature wants to unfold in its natural rhythm. We develop flexibility and sensitivity so we can listen to what the rhythm is and move it as it is. Then we are in tune with our true nature and life can start to unfold as it is meant to be. We can then live to our full potential. This is where the real co-creation with the universe begins.

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