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Expand into authentic expression

"When we are connected with our purest essence within, our soul and heart can unfold into authentic expression"

Our vision is to touch as many hearts as possible and inspire people to dive into the fantastic journey of moving the consciousness from conditioned thinking and behavior towards true authentic expression. To be in oneness with the pure heart of the soul and become the best versions of themselves.


We believe in the importance of breaking-through belief systems of the collective consciousness that governs so much of our life. We need to move beyond the illusion of time and space, into oneness with the true essence of infinite being. In that alignment, we can really start the journey of co-creation with the universe and of who we really are as a true connected universal potential.

Through many years of experience, iWakening team has been studying the correlation between this alignment and what it means to integrate and manifest this into everyday living. It is important to start to see yourself as a holistic being - like an ecosystem. What is understood mentally or spiritually has to integrate into all levels of your being. 


When there is a free flow of energy through the mental physical and emotional body, our pure spirit can unfold in its natural way. We, as human beings, are nature; therefore, we need to learn to move with nature as it unfolds. 

Through different iWakening Retreats, therapy, and workshops, we will give a full spectrum of tools to assist people all over the world. Through these processes, they will understand how to shift the total focus of being, into oneness with infinite being.




From our testimonials

Testimonial from an earlier iWakening Retreat - Brita Behrens

“This Heart Healing Retreat is the strongest, most special, and beautiful experience I have had in my whole life. The combination of the yoga, workshops, and trips around Bali has just been so amazing. I will for sure come back for more

Testimonial from an earlier iWakening Heart Healing Workshop - Tone Oraini Selfors 

“This Heart Healing Workshop has been life-changing for me.  Now I have the tools to heal myself and a platform. I'm so much more aware and my power is back. My heart feels literally bigger and my vision is clearer. I finally love my self ”

Testimonial from an earlier iWakening Retreat - Ane Sommerstad

“This Heart Healing Retreat has given me a new way of relating to my heart and my life. The biggest gift I could get. That makes such a difference in how I live my life.”

Testimonial from an earlier iWakening Retreat - Gro Anette

“I am so thankful to the iWakening team as this Heart Healing Retreat has given me so many new tools that will help me to live a better life. I released so much stress through the retreat that I now have stopped using my asthma medicine. I can now finally breath normally again and walk up the mountain without breathing problems

Testimonial from an earlier iWakening Retreat - Jonny Kristiansen

“I would never believe that the Heart Healing Retreat could make such an impact on me and my life.

This is for sure life-changing.

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