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Welcome to our iWakening Studio in Seminyak!

We offer classes in Chi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Vibrational Breath Release, Meditation, Selfdefence, Breathing Technique and Sound Healing. We also have different kind of workshops like stress release, Heart Healing, Chi Gong, Selfdefence and Martial Art. We will start with full moon meditation and open night talks and music stage! 

We also do privat sessions in every dicepline. And fore Kundalini Yoga you can get your own customised Kriya, Meditation and Breath program. 


 Drop in : 140

 5 Clip : 110 pr. class =   550

10 Clip:   90 pr. class =    900

20 Clip:   80 pr. class = 1 600

Address: PangKung Sari No. 1. Same entrance as The Residence Seminyak.

            2 gate on the left side after security. Door nr. 4


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