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Not only did TK effectively teach a seemingly simple but precise skill of coordination and body awareness, but I also felt he spoke straight from the heart and this is what I hold most dear. Above all, TK left me with a simple but profound statement which spoke loudly to the writer in my heart and that was “to be the hero of my story.” He inspired me through our experiences together and I feel blessed to have met such an admirable human.

Testemonial from an earlier teacher training - Chris Berki, Canada

Some of Tekanos testimonials

Tekano was training, studying and teaching martial arts in Thailand for many years. His skills were in a high level, not only as a martial artist but also as a teacher. Tekano was very dedicated to his teaching and training, he wanted to help every student equally. I was impressed about his desire for new information and sincere will to share his knowledge with everyone. Tekano was very warm hearted and open person, it was easy to approach him as a student. The atmosphere in his classes was always inspiring.  

Testemonial from an earlier teacher training - Riina Kalma, Finland

Tekano is dedicated to help develop each individual beyond what they thought was possible. He possesses discipline, punctuality, leadership and the most difficult of all the ability to adapt to the needs of the students or any emerging situation. The time, effort and energy Tekano puts in is admirable at the very least. It is through his mentoring as head instructor at the school i have experienced his diligent approach to work, life and people hands on.

With reference to myself and my own lack of understanding, through earnest admonishing was he able to give me clarity and a richer sense of understanding and awareness which has not only aided me but inspired me in my line of work. It is through this distinguished form of leadership that my work ethics have progressed so far in such a brief period of time.

Testemonial from an earlier teachertraining - Marzuq Ismail, Australia

Tekano is a lifetime martial artist. He is South African kickboxing champion and Muay Thai fighter who lived and trained in Thailand. He trained under Kru Pedro Villalobos. Kru Pedro is the founder of Muay Sangha. He is a well-known and highly respected traditional martial arts teacher and practitioner who trained with best of the best in all fields of Martial Arts and has accomplished a number milestones in his career. Tekano learned under him for five years and became head instructor at the Muay Sangha main school in Thailand where he worked together with him in the development of the Muay Sangha internal arts system. Tekano also trained and fought under Hong Thong Lek a Lumpinee and Ratchadmun Champion as well as many other great teachers in Thailand and Africa.

Tekano is passionate about teaching. He has 15 years of experience in training people of all ages, nationalities and different levels of experiences, from beginners to seasoned practitioners in small and large groups. He has trained many martial arts instructors, as well as introducing first timers who become dedicated practitioners. He has been working with energy cultivation, movement and breathe, combining them and presenting them as a great tools for the iWakening Retreats.

Tekano comes from a place where dancing plays an important part of the culture. A South African culture that accepts and encourages the expression of ones feelings through dancing. In 1999 he joined the Ithutheng Trust Youth Development Project. He was part of the arts department and took part in dance and drama. During his time with the project he got to travel around South Africa performing in theatre and dance. He also traveled to the United States of America where he performed dance on some well-known stages like the Apallo Theatre, The United Nations and the N.A.A.C.P Awards.

Energy work. Tekano Teaches and practices energy work. He studied Chi gong and Hermetics under Sifu Mark Rusmus who is an outstanding Healer, Martial Artist and teacher. Very high level teachers and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds learn from Sifu Mark to improve their skills.

Energy Work


From his years of experience in different forms dance and Martial Art, he has become aware of the similarity of movements and that they can both be applied into each other. He also recognizes that Martial Arts, dance and energy work are tools that can assist one to gain a deeper understanding of them self and transcend to a higher level of vibration. This in combination with Samaya´s background has developed great tools for the transformational processes in the iWakening Concept.

Martial Art


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