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In iWakening we use yoga, chi gon and movement as some of the tools to develop sensitivity and to activate awareness. Movement gives us more ways to be aware and more awake, and it is a fantastic avenue for expression, reading and understanding your self. Our body shows us a lot and the more we learn to move the body in different ways, the more we get to experience ourselves in new perspectives. The body communicates with us, it gives us signals. Where we are in our present moment, what we need, where there is blockage and what to heal. So it is very important to develop the sensitivity and activate the awareness of the body so that we can sense the signs then deal with them accordingly. In iWakening we use different forms of movement as a tool to connect, experience, release, understand, integrate and embody more of what is going on in your process and most of all to heal and align your self with your truest essence. Your authentic expression. 

iWakening Chi Gong

Chi Gong promotes present moment awareness, develops sensitivity and assists in the manifistation of intention. Science of elastic force “The Science of Elastic Force” is an advanced form of Bio-tensegrity training which is dedicated to developing the fascia to become a more efficient energy conductor.

iWakening Movement Therapy

A unique facet of iWakening is that it combines movement and therapy and utilizes them simultaneously. When we move our bodies it becomes visible where the blockages are in our body. These blockages could be stiffness, pain, rigidness or inability to move out of a certain pattern of movement amongst others. iWakening has a special body mapping system that allows you to understand the energy of each body part and learn how to move to be able to transform blockages into free flow of energy! This becomes authentic movement and is the movement towards healing. 

iWakening Dance

Movement in expression has been used to heal from traumatic experiences since ancient times. The tools of Dance and Movement Therapy can be especially useful because they unify the body and creativity as healing resources when words are not enough...

Dance meets Martial Art

Iwakening, when necessary utilizes specific martial arts exercises to stimulate certain qualities and release stuck energies. Theses excersises are very simple, safe but extreamly effective. It gives a whole different level to the transformational process.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a practice for people that want to transform their consciousness on all levels. That is why we include Kundalini Yoga to our iWakening Concept. This yogaform has thousands of kriyas (set of exercises) with a theme that can fit into what ever we need in the iWakening process. It means we can customise the kriyas´s to assist you for the best brake through processes, the deepest healing and the purest alignment with your true essence. You as vibration of truth! 

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