Empower your HEART and AWAKEN the creative GENIUS within

Access the limitless potential of Quantum Consciousness and rise above limiting beliefs and manifest from within your true divine self.

Deep Heart Connection • Expanded Consciousness • Creative Abundance

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you someone who has  invested substantial time and effort into your personal growth, only to find yourself still struggling  to achieve the desired results?
  • Do you have ambitious aspirations and a clear vision of your future, but are still struggling to turn them into reality and manifest them in your life?
  • Do you feel like you have possessed a vast amount of self-awareness and knowledge, yet you are still unable to find fulfillment, contentment, or abundance in your daily living?
  • Do you long to explore the depths of your being, heal your past experiences and overcome the barriers that are preventing you from achieving your full potential, but feel you need guidance on how to proceed with this deep inner work?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to make positive choices and establish healthy habits that promote personal growth and expansion in your life?
  • Do you find yourself leading a successful life, yet still feel unfulfilled and lacking a sense of purpose, yearning for a deeper meaning to your existence?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed by life's unexpected challenges and wish to acquire new tools and strategies to better cope with them?
  • Are you yearning for a life that is characterized by a seamless flow, strengthened by deeply fulfilling and beautiful intimate relationships, and marked by a profound sense of freedom in every facet of your existence?
  • Are you interested in contributing to the ongoing effort towards building a better world, but unsure how to align yourself fully with actions that serve the greater good of the planet?

"Real magic happens when the illusions of life peel off and the authentic HEART awakens."

Samaya Behrens




Assisting conscious leaders to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery, to access the science of the HEART and awaken their Quantum Potential, living in total alignment with their purpose, manifesting from the heart.

 iWakening Quantum Healing Tools helps to positively transform every aspect of life. It creates quantum shifts and helps leaders to take quantum leaps into the creation of a New World.  



iWakening Quantum Healing

Are you a conscious leader that wants to discover the science of your HEART to awaken your inner genius and transform every area in life?

iWakening Quantum Healing (iQH) is the way to access your inner genius, unlock the power of your heart  and pave the path towards ascension. Through Transformational Detox Retreats, Quantum Healing Workshops & Online Courses - as well as the powerful Quantum Flow State Sessions, you will unleash yourself with HEART empowerment! Experience true growth through awakening of your Quantum Healing capabilities today!

The Quantum Flow State Method

Through this journey of transformation, you will be able to access the infinite potentials within your HEART. Through this HEART empowerment you will tap into a higher frequency, and reveal your authentic soul's power - growing exponentially on all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual!

Leave behind what once held you back from fully embracing yourself as an HEART empowered leader in spirit with boundless Quantum Possibilities ahead.


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7 Step to LOVE Mastery

Ignite your transformation to the highest level of consciousness with a holistic HEART empowered system that combines multiple sources. Unlock your purpose and ultimate potential through these 7 essential steps, which offer you LOVE mastery in all aspects of life. Allow yourself to become an enlightened beacon for planetary evolution as you tap into inner heart-empowered understanding!

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Do you want to take "Quantum Leaps" and transform your life?

To be on a journey back home to your heart and be a part of the upliftment of humanity. 

iWakening Leadership Academy

iWakening empowers individuals with transformative leadership training rooted in mindfulness, resilience, and authentic leadership principles. Our holistic approach nurtures deep connections to oneself, others, and the world, fostering genuine and impactful leadership. Through comprehensive courses, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional development, aligning personal fulfillment with organizational success. Join us and awaken the leader within to inspire positive change in today's dynamic world.


Heart Empowered Leadership Healing Container

Dive into the frequency of your heart, heal, transform and take a quantum leap into YOU as multi-dimensional BEING rebirthing into a new reality as Heart Empowered Leader.

Are you ready for a Turnaround in your life?


iWakening Transformational Detox Retreat

Embark on an inner journey of profound healing, detoxing your life from the inside-out. Come take a leap on a transformational quest of self-discovery and reconnect with your true authentic essence! Illuminate what was previously illusionary, heal longstanding trauma, embrace full alignment with purpose, ignite growth in all aspects of life and ultimately manifest into reality the version of you that has been waiting to shine. Bathe yourself in this holistic journey as it is exactly what your soul needs – renewal & liberation from any stifling energies so you can embody truth & abundance once more.



Quantum Flow State Session

Are you ready to burst forth with the liberating power of your heart and create an alignment between yourself and a higher frequency? To rise above what once confined you, deepen in understanding, open up to more moments of joyous expansion - transforming from 3D stagnation into 5D abundance.


Surrender to Love & Beyond Course

Awaken your power to turn dreams into wondrous realities, experience absolute abundance and freedom while making a positive difference in this world. Our roadmap back home to your heart helps you discover the depths of loving yourself, unlocking your true purpose and potential of the greatness within!


Spiritual Gym
Platform for Deep Healing & Transformations

Step up and take control of your spiritual journey - empower yourself through this transformational, life-altering platform! It provides meaningful exercises to help elevate in every area of life, providing guidance for personal ascension towards truth and love as we progress on our path.

Join us at this modern spiritual gym today! Reach new heights in growth as you build strength within like a gym for the soul.


Knowledge without experience is a seed that never learns to bloom!

With the power of knowledge and experience, we can gain wisdom to truly become our own Guru. Once rooted in truth from within, we embark on a journey full of enlightenment and self-actualization. Ultimately achieving ascention towards life success for ourselves and others!

Don't take my word for it.

Here are inspirational testimonials of some of our clients transformational journey!

"Working with Samaya improved everything in my life. Samaya has assisted me on my journey to change my entire life to the better the last 14 years. It’s hard to express how magical and amazing this journey has been - and still is. I learn new things every day. I now understand and appreciate all the things that are happening in my life. I praise it with gratitude and curiosity. Life is exciting and amazing, even though it can be difficult sometimes. But when I have the iWakening tools to face the challenges, I can get in touch with new things in myself that becomes so so rewarding. It really gives a new spark to my life. I can really say I love life to the fullest now. I’m truly in my own flow. I feel much closer to my heart - my core being and my unique self."

Triana Iglesias
Actress, TV Host, Model

"Thank you iWakening. After 5 days iWakening Training - Choose Love over Fear, I feel so much calmer and at ease. Also a huge benefit for me I feel in love with myself - finally! At first I was taken by the Covid-19. Fear. Anxiety. Apathy. I felt real threats weighing me down, like losing my business, and the potential loss of my beautiful daughter - since she is in the risk zone. Now from listening to you sharing your wisdom, and from doing the exercises, I am optimistic and I have the energy to do what needs to be done. Thank you. I love it when you share the science, the “why is it so’s” in additional videos and slides. Also I LOVE the music!!! Thank you for having such a big heart. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for existing. Thank you for iWakening Spiritual Gym. A truly splendid idea!!!!"

Hanne Hillren
Executive Coach

"First thing first :THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was so happy when I came across this iWakening Training. Last summer I was at your workshop Life Mastery in Oslo. I knew already then, and decided that I will come to Bali one day to work with you. It is a lot of Gurus out there - but you are an angel and have the energy to fill a whole room full of people ( or online ). I always thought it was bullshit this energy field around people - but you had that - I could feel it. And that day in Oslo I kind of thought of you as some kind of an angel. I must say I have never been a spiritual person ( before ) - I am the reason, logic, and facts kind of type, but when I met you in person I was convinced this must be real work! Through the workshop only after a few hours, I got this amazing body experience… it was real to me - I was there and felt that. A real feeling in my body of calmness and awareness at the same time. It was the nearest thing to a spiritual experience I ever had in my life. Then this 5 day iWakening Training - Choose Love over Fear came into my life: And there YOU Samaya were again. I honestly took this as a sign. This was life-changing for me! I am forever grateful for the iWakening Spiritual Gym - I really need it! So thank you Samaya, you are raw, honest, and speak to my heart, body, and soul. "

Miram Moen
iWakening Student

Drop into the true intelligence of your heart…

"6 Step Heart Activation and Higher Alignment Training".

This 10 minute "6 Step Heart Activation and Higher Alignment Training". It is the perfect companion to kick start your day! 

  • Release stress
  • Feel more energetic and spiritually aligned
  • Deepen the connection with your heart and your intuition
  • Become the WALKER of your TRUTH and live your fullest potential! 

Join and Get 10 Min Free Training "Heart Activation & Higher Alignment"

What do people say ?

Read below what people say about 10 Min Heart Activation and Higher Alignment Exercise?

"The exercises are wonderful! Deep connection within and overall release of stress in my whole body. I felt really tired and a little sick before doing it and now I feel much, much better - energised and calm at the same time."

Ninja Krystad
Artist & TV Host

"I truly love this morning exercise. I really feel it connects me to my heart in place, and expands my energy field. I felt uplifted and I am realizing that the power of my heart is so huge! I would definitely recommend this exercises to all my friends!"

Anette Prøis
iWakening Student

"I feel like boom, I’ tapped in and turned on, thanks iWakening! I truly love it! It really connects me well!"

Kid Mikkelborg
iWakening Student

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