Its time to learn how to move this precious body, mind, and spirit into coherence with the frequency of love and explore who we really are as a true divine being, embodied into this physical manifestation of human experience!

Through this 7 Step you will learn how to dive into the depths of your inner being and uncover a whole new level of Life Mastery. By awakening to how your consciousness operates, you have an incredible opportunity to profoundly gain quantum shifts on all aspects of YOU. From 3D stagnation to 5D healing - enlightened heart empowerment, manifestation & love-based understanding, everything in life will change!

The 7 steps provide powerful tools necessary for creating forever lasting transformations within yourself and in your every day life.

So what is your takeaway!?

You will learn all the tools you need to break through limitations, release blocks, and heal traumas to allow more of the TRUE ESSENCE OF YOU to come through! The iWakening modalities are profound and life-changing and some of them are Kundalini Life Force Activation, Breath Work, Different Meditations, Quantum Flow State Method, Movement Therapy, Conscious Dance, Power of Touch, and more… All as a part of the 7-Step training to Life-Mastery.

This will catapult you towards Divine Flow and Profound Heart Empowerment Leadership. 

We look forward to witnessing your Full-Spectrum Transformational Breakthroughs which will align you with all that you have always dreamt of - being in flow with your greatest capacity as divine love! 


Introducing iWakening 7 Step Training to Life Mastery 

How does it work?

Step 1 - Awareness Training on the mental, emotional and physical level [CONNECT]

Step 1 is about connecting deeper by activating sensitivity and awareness of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. It is about becoming more awake and aware in every moment of your life on all levels. This way, you will start to listen more to the signals of your body, mind, heart, and soul, and you will begin to make healthy choices that align you with your real purpose and highest potential.

Step 2- Transformational Mindset Training [AWAKE]

Step 2 is about reprogramming your mindset and rewiring of the synapses in the brain, creating new chemistry in your whole being towards higher states of consciousness. (There are many levels of mindset training).

Step 3 - Shadow Work & Trauma Release Training [RELEASE]

Step 3 works by connecting you to the deeper unconscious patterns that are holding you back in life based on traumas from the past. This training peels off layers of illusions to get you deep into the core energetics of your wounds. "What you can feel you can heal". We work towards profound realizations to move into entirely new behaviors based on a new reality of beauty and love.

Step 4 - Heart Healing Training [HEAL]

Step 4 works on activating the heart energy and bridge the heart and the mind into coherence. The HEART has the strongest electromagnetic field in the body and accelerates the healing journey. Heart Healing Training works on releasing traumas behind anger, grief, and fear, which are all stored in our bodies in different ways and hold us back from the life we are meant to live. Releasing blockages created of painful memories and traumas in our bodies, nervous system, endocrine system, and fascia (the connective tissue) create a pathway toward opening the heart center. By accessing the heart's intelligence, we accelerate healing and become in dialogue with our true essence.

Step 5 - Spiritual Alignment Training [ALIGN]

Step 5 teaches you how to tap into your soul, your most authentic self essence, clarifying and cultivating your consciousness on all levels towards spiritual alignment. We will work with many different meditation techniques to move beyond limiting attachments and align with higher consciousness and the quantum field where everything is possible. You will learn how to build strength in this spiritual alignment to co-create and unfold your truest purpose.

Step 6 - Embodiment and Integration Training [EMBODY]

Step 6 is about learning how to integrate and bring all the steps into life. For that to happen, we have to embody it on all levels of consciousness. We will learn how to move the body in new ways and create new neural pathways to activate a unique frequency and start manifesting in new ways.

Step 7 - Manifestation and Abundance training [MANIFEST]

Step 7 focuses on how to manifest and live from your truth and from what you preach. This step is so much about taking responsibility for your life as a creator. This step helps you to make conscious choices from your TRUEST ALIGNMENT and live a connected, rich, and authentic life experience in pure happiness and abundance.

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